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The first step to establish relations is contact and a short presentation of a project which we would be to finance. It is best to phone us, and e-mail a short description of the project which will help us prepare for the meeting. The next stage is the meeting of the Investment Board which consists of the founders and the Management Board of the Business Angel Seedfund, and making a preliminary decision on continuing the talks. We invest in inventive people, not in ideas themselves. That is why people with a vision are of most interest to us. We look for enterprising innovators who, with our assistance, can on their own build a company based on their own ideas. We very much care about building partner relations and trust in relations with our partners. That is why we are obviously willing to sign agreements for confidentiality of information provided to us with authors of unique solutions.

Additional materials:

Our portfolio

Unique social-networking portal integrating neighbors, people living close to each other


Innovative wishlist service

Polymem Sp. z o.o.

Company develops and produces polyprophylene membrans for microfiltration

Screen Network Sp. z o.o.

Company offers unique ad network in over 4000 places in whole Poland.