Board of Business Angel Seedfund

Maciej Grabski
An experienced investor in enterprises at early development stages. In the 1990s, he invested in the automobile market (spare part trade), and in tourism. The first investor and co-founder of Wirtualna Polska Internet portal. He negotiated involving strategic investors - companies INTEL and Prokom. A co-creator of the market success of Wirtualna Polska. Responsible for business development and contacts. He successfully carried out a TP SA investment in Wirtualna Polska, and ended his capital involvement in it with a high rate of return.

Tomasz Woźniak
An author of numerous successful Internet projects. The founder of the service which was a tremendous success within just two years after its onset (1996). In 1999, after the service was acquired by Wirtualna Polska, worked at the editorial office. He performed the function of the Portal's Program Director from 2004. He was responsible e.g. for the program strategy, creating and implementing new products, as well as media and content alliances with external partners. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics of Gdańsk University. At the moment, a PhD student at Gdańsk University in the field of virtual economics.

Komitet Inwestycyjny Business Angel Seedfund

Jędrzej Wittchen
A businessman, an investor, a member of the Chief Council of the Business Center Club. In 1985, he graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, a geomorphologist. He traveled around the world in the years 1985 - 1990. As from 1990, the founder and owner of Wittchen, the market leader in luxurious leather products. The founder and a shareholder of the Business Angel Seedfund, a shareholder of the Sovereign Capital SA, a shareholder and member of the Management Board of Centrum Podróży SA. He runs Wittchen together with his wife Monika, and has three children. His hobbies are travel and sailing.

Maciej Duda
Maciej DUDA
A co-founder and President of the Management Board of Koncern Mięsny Duda S.A. listed at Warsaw Stock Exchange. From the start of his career connected with business. One of initiators, shareholders, and members of the Supervisory Board of Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych OPOKA S.A. The President of the Management Board of Agro-Duda Sp. z o.o., and a Vice-President of the Management Board of Duda Invest Sp. z o.o. A member of supervisory boards of 9 other companies. In 2006, awarded with the "Entrepreneur of the Year" title.


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